A Walk with Grace the Movie

A Walk with Grace is a romantic drama retelling of the Prodigal Son set in the Ohio Heartland, in the week leading up to Easter.  In this Family Film with Faith story, the values that make Middle America unique are showcased with a touch of comedy, featuring a multi-cultural, multi-generational cast.


After his mother passes the week before Easter, L.A. hotshot businessman Nate Lassiter returns to his hometown in Ohio with his Latina daughter, to sign away his family’s factory. As Nate faces pressures from his past to “do the right thing,” his mother’s plan from the Great Beyond reconnects him with his first love, Grace.  With the power of forgiveness, the bonds of community and God’s love, Nate begins to see what’s really important and what’s been missing from his life.






Ashley Bratcher proved to be a rising star in War Room and established her star power with Unplanned and now as the title character in A Walk With Grace.  With her ethereal close-up and acting chops, as attorney Grace she’s forgiving and fierce all in one, as both Nate’s love interest and his main obstacle!

David Lee Smith brings conflicted protagonist Nate to life with a layered performance and acting ability honed in films like Fight Club and The Man from Earth, plus multiple seasons of CBS’ CSI Miami.

Stephen Baldwin, with over 100 film roles including The Usual Subjects, Bio-Dome and The Flintstones, lends a wry comedic flare to nemesis Jay Thorson, who makes an offer Nate seemingly can’t refuse.

Jason London, as Grace’s brother Pastor Tom and the sounding board for Nate’s conscience, lends his wealth of experience from memorable roles in films like Dazed & Confused and The Man In The Moon.

An ensemble of established & rising talent includes Cindy Pickett (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Guiding Light) and Joe Estevez (Turning Point, Not Another B Movie); Austin St. John (A Gift Of The Heart, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Jenni-Kate Deshon (How I Met Your Mother, Design), Yorke Fryer (Extinct, Grand Theft Auto V), Nicole Dambro (The Axiom) and Lance Paul (A Kiss On Candy Cane Lane).  And introducing Mishka Calderon (Christmas In Hollywood) as Nate’s daughter Chloe and Ian Grey (winner of Lifetime’s The Pop Game), who performs three original songs in the film.

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